Rediscovering, Part 2

I took a deep breath, picked up my phone, and dialed his number and blocked my own number. He answered on the second ring. His voice was smooth, like a tv or radio announcers. We talked. We laughed. We asked and answered each other’s questions, It was like talking to someone I’d known forever.

It was now 2:00 a.m., and after hanging up, I realized that we’d talked for over six hours. We’d decided to meet at a BBQ place that afternoon and continue our conversation. It was about ten minutes from me, which meant a 30-minute drive for him. 

I sighed and headed to bed.  No sleep immediately as I kept playing the phone conversation over and over in my head. Will the guy look like the pictures I’d seen? Would his personality match the exuberance I heard during the call? Would I like him in person?  And, what would he think of me?

I woke around nine. My nerves stirred as soon as I remembered the meet was only a few hours away. What should I wear? I settled on a burgundy Chico’s short-sleeved sweater, a pair of navy leggings, and navy suede boots with gold detailing.  

I ran water in my bath, lit some aromatherapy candles, and sank into the bubbles. I tried to think of other things and keep my mind off of Bald Guy (BG) and maybe quell my nerves. Properly wrinkly, I stepped out and began my beauty routine.  

During the call the night before, I hesitatingly, but not with any pressure, gave BG my number. I told myself that if he turned out to be an idiot, I would block his number on my phone.

With robe on and hair drying, my phone rang. It was BG!! When I saw his number, my fear was that he was calling to cancel. Yet, I answered. It was that same smooth voice wishing me good morning! He was calling to confirm lunch in a few hours. I smiled. This was going to happen! After he double-checked the name and location of the BBQ restaurant, we hung up.

I was grinning! I finished my hair and makeup—more carefully than usual. Resisting the urge of my nerves telling me to hurry up, I slowly dressed and chose earrings, a necklace, some gold and burgundy bracelets, and my iWatch. I pondered over perfume. Finally, I dabbed on the Waft scent I’d created. To complete my outfit, I put on my blue suede boots.   

I started pacing. I went out and watered my remaining flowers. I checked the garden for tomatoes. I had so much nervous energy. What if the date sucked? What if he saw me and walked away? Was I wasting an afternoon that I’d regret and never get back?  

My brain wandered to online dating horror stories. What if he had posted old pictures? What if he’d lied about his retirement from the Army and the job at UPS? What if he lived with his mother? What if he lied about his intentions? So many what ifs.

Memories of recent dates clouded my enthusiasm; therefore, I went to the mirror and gave myself a once over. I was presentable. However, I took off the boots and replaced them with a pair of cream Converse Chuck Taylors. There, I thought. I look like I’m trying, but not too hard.  

It was time. I drove to the venue, parked on the side with the employee spaces, and waited for his red car to pull up. Honestly, I wanted to see him first and allow myself to leave without him seeing me if any red flags were evident.

I sucked in my breath when I saw his red car pull in. I saw BG get out of the car and head toward the restaurant’s door. As he got closer, he sent me a text to let me know he was there. My phone vibrated. Still in my car, I saw his message and gave myself one more chance to drive away before he saw me. I didn’t.

He was slightly over six feet tall, bald, and wore a sportscoat, flat cap, khakis, and tan dress shoes.  I immediately regretted my decision to change to the casual Chucks, hoping he wouldn’t notice.   His stance showed confidence, but not arrogance. He stood by the door and read my text.  He waited.

I felt awkward as I stood up from the driver’s seat and walked up to him. We had an awkward hug as we both silently checked each other out.  We’d made it through the first hurdle—we each did look like the pictures and descriptions on the app.  

He smiled and opened the door for me. I sighed, smiled, and walked by him into the restaurant for our first date.

Cyberspace was now a reality. 

Published by kdannunzio

I'm a retired teacher and writer. I love to cook, bake, remodel, and play with my soulful dogs, Loki and Livi

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